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Abyss spa

We recommend the treatment to people who cannot cope with excess fat tissue and water in the body.

Thanks to strong active ingredients that trigger lipolytic processes, you will notice the effect after the first treatment!

The preparations contain, among others:

  • L – carnitine
  • guarana
  • caffeine
  • spongilla

We recommend Abyss for people who cannot undergo procedures using equipment.

How does abyss spa work?

During the treatment, we perform an intensive massage of a given part using a special peeling, ampoule and mask. Then wrap the body in stretch foil for 45 – 180 minutes.

What do our clients value about this treatment? Effectiveness and time of the procedure. After wrapping in stretch foil, the customer can go home and remove the foil after a specified period of time. Thanks to this, the procedure time in the office will be shortened to approximately 20 minutes.

How many Abyss Spa treatments do we recommend?

We recommend performing the treatment in a series of 6-8 treatments. You can also combine Abyss with other treatments such as anti-cellulite iron, acoustic wave, VacumShape.

spa abyss effects

  • reduction of excess water from the body
  • reducing cellulite and excess fat tissue
  • skin firming
  • improving skin condition
  • reducing body circumference

Remember, by combining treatments with a balanced diet and physical activity, you will achieve your desired results.

effects after 1 treatment
effects after 1 treatment
effects after 1 treatment

Treatment duration: from 20 minutes

ABYSS SPA - Price list

Belly with sides

200 zł


200 zł

Thighs with buttocks

250 zł