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affinity - skin resurfacing

A multi-tasking treatment for deep skin resurfacing. The device has a special system for introducing glycolic acid deep into the skin, up to the dermis. Despite the use of acid, Affinity can be performed all year round, and the skin does not require convalescence after the treatment.

How does affinity - skin resurfacing work?

The procedure is divided into two stages, and during each of them, a specially formulated glycolic acid is introduced using a small-sized applicator and galvanic current.

The first stage involves cleaning the pores and removing excess sebum from the skin. Then, during the second stage, the acid is introduced non-invasively through our natural skin channels, i.e. pores and hair follicles, into the deep layers of the skin.

When to use affinity treatment - skin resurfacing?

This effective method developed and patented by an Israeli specialist offers many possibilities. Affinity is perfect for:

  • acne in teenagers and adults
  • rosacea and eczema
  • difficult-to-heal wounds and scars
  • discoloration
  • fine wrinkles
  • gray, tired skin, the so-called smoker’s skin

effects of affinity treatment - skin resurfacing?

  • improving skin condition
  • reducing inflammation
  • illuminating the complexion
  • color alignment
  • stimulation of collagen fibers
  • reduction of scars and discolorations
  • narrowing pores and reducing excess sebum
  • improvement of skin tension
  • smoothing wrinkles

Treatment duration: from. 60 – 90 minutes

Affinity - skin resurfacing - Price list


420 zł

Face, neck, cleavage

550 zł