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black doll - laser carbon peeling

Laser carbon peeling – Black Doll combines the purifying properties of activated carbon with Q-switched neodymium yag laser technology. The black doll treatment is perfect for gray, tired skin, the so-called smoker’s, acne-prone, dry, oily and contaminated skin. The procedure is performed using a special mask with activated charcoal that penetrates the pores, and a laser beam absorbs the light, thoroughly cleansing the skin without interrupting the skin barrier. During the laser peel, carbon particles absorb the energy of the laser light, which is delivered in short pulses, causing micro-explosions of carbon particles along with blackheads, other impurities, and dead skin cells.

effects - laser carbon peeling - Black doll

  • cleansing and refreshing the skin

  • eliminating blackheads

  • balancing sebum and hydration levels

  • reducing redness and inflammation

  • reduction of enlarged pores

  • illuminating and improving skin tone

  • reduction of acne, pimples and lumps

  • stimulation of skin regeneration processes

how often should laser carbon peeling treatment be performed - Black doll

Black Doll Laser Peeling will allow you to feel visible effects after the first treatment, but we recommend a series of treatments spaced 2-4 weeks apart. Let us remember that our skin needs regular cleansing and a factor that supports regeneration.

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Is the laser peeling treatment painless?

Yes, the Black Doll treatment is assessed by guests visiting our salon as a comfortable therapy that does not cause pain. It does not require anesthesia, and the sensations that may sometimes accompany us during the process are described as delicate punctures.

Duration of treatment: approx. 90 minutes

PRICE LIST - Laser Peeling - Black Doll

Black doll - laser carbon peeling (face)


Black doll - laser carbon peeling (face, neck, cleavage)