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Cosmetic Acids
(glycol, almond, azaleic, feluric)

Cosmetic acids used regularly in treatments will make the skin, among other things, more bright, energized, acne lesions and discolorations reduced and the color even. The treatments are best performed in autumn, winter and early spring, but there are also acids that can be performed all year round. To choose the right treatment, schedule a free consultation.

What cosmetic acids do we use in the Feliz beauty salon?

  • almond – can be used all year round, brightens, moisturizes, smoothes and improves the condition of acne and vascular skin,

  • glycolic – smoothes, moisturizes, tightens and improves the condition of the skin,

  • azaleic – intensively moisturizes, reduces inflammation, recommended for delicate and vascular skin

  • feluric and ascorbic acid (combined treatment) – has anti-aging properties, brightens and improves the condition of the skin

    For stronger results, we recommend such treatments as RETIX C and pH Formula

Duration of treatment: approx. 30 minutes

Acids - Price list

Acids (glycolic, azaleic, ascorbic, feluric)

100 zł

Almond acid

120 zł

Retix C

320 zł

pH formula pHull (face)

350 zł

pH pHull formula (face, neck, cleavage)

400 zł

pH formula TCA(face)

550 zł

pH TCA formula (face, neck, cleavage)

650 zł

pH formula summer (face, neck, cleavage)

300 zł

Maeselle pigment precisers (face)

350 zł

Maeselle pigment precisers (face, neck, cleavage)

450 zł

Maeselle re-never peeling (1 ampoule)

300 zł

Biorepeel (face)

300 zł

Biorepeel (face, neck, cleavage)

350 zł