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The Geneo treatment is based on a combination of energies such as ultrasounds, radio waves and a multi-stage procedure, thanks to which the effects are visible after just one treatment.

We have 3 treatment procedures to choose from, each with 4 treatment stages, so we can tailor the treatment to a specific skin type and its specific needs:

  • REVIVE – reduces wrinkles and improves skin firmness
  • ILLUMINATE – brightens and illuminates the skin, smoothens skin texture, gently reduces wrinkles
  • BALANCE – cleanses pores and provides balance for oily skin

How does geneo work?

Stage I
During the first stage, we use radio wave energy. During the treatment, we improve blood circulation in the skin, thanks to which the active ingredients injected during subsequent stages penetrate deeper. Radio waves strongly stimulate collagen and elastin fibers, making the skin tighter and wrinkles smaller.

Stage II
The next step is to exfoliate the dead skin. The treatment is performed using a specially selected gel and capsule, which together effectively remove excess dead skin.

After this stage, the skin becomes smoother and more pleasant to the touch.

Stage III
The skin prepared in the previous stages is fully ready to absorb the active ingredients. Depending on the skin’s needs, we introduce ingredients such as:

  • hyaluronic acid
  • Argan oil
  • vitamin C
  • jojoba oil
  • peptide complex
  • horsetail
  • prickly pear fruit extract

The serum is introduced using ultrasound or a special massage tip.

IV stage
We finish the treatment with a mask and cream selected to suit the skin’s needs.

effects of geneo treatment?

  • illuminating gray and tired skin
  • smoothing the skin
  • stimulation of collagen fibers and elastin
  • improvement of skin tension
  • reduction of facial wrinkles
  • improving skin hydration and oxygenation

When do we recommend performing the geneo procedure?

We recommend performing the Geneo cosmetic treatment as a banquet treatment before a big event or in a series of 4-5 treatments to enjoy the effects longer. The treatment can be performed all year round, but we do not recommend sunbathing for approx. 2 days after the procedure. After the treatment, the skin may be slightly pink.

Duration of treatment: approx. 60 minutes

Geneo - Price list


350 zł


350 zł


350 zł