Get to know our treatments – hifu lifting

HIFU - face lifting

Get to know HIFU – a breakthrough device used in the Feliz beauty salon – Gdynia, which allows you to achieve spectacular effects without the need for plastic surgery. Called lifting without a scalpel, it is able to give you the dazzling results you expect in a short time.

How does HIFU - face lifting work?

The procedure utilizes an advanced device emitting highly concentrated ultrasound waves, which, during the procedure, induce controlled and selective thermal injuries, resulting in strong skin remodeling and fat tissue reduction.

Using special transducers, the energy of the ultrasonic wave reaches:

  • It effectively stimulates and rebuilds collagen fibers in superficial and deep skin layers, thereby firming, rejuvenating, and densifying the skin on the face, neck, décolletage, and flabby areas of the body.
  • reaches the SMAS (fascio-muscular) layer, affecting muscle tension, resulting in the elimination of the so-called hamster cheeks, double chin, drooping eyelids, emphasizing the jawline, and lifting cheeks, as well as areas such as arms, inner thighs, and others requiring treatment
  • reaches the layer of adipose tissue, eliminating fatty deposits from every area of ​​the body.

How many HIFU facial lifting treatments do we recommend?

The treatment is non-invasive, it does not break the continuity of the epidermis and can be performed all year round. Due to the strong tissue regeneration, we have to wait up to 3 months to see the results. In most cases, the effect is achieved after just one treatment, which is worth emphasizing!
To choose the right treatment, schedule a free consultation with our cosmetologists, who will describe in detail and answer any questions.

effects of HIFU treatment - face lifting

    • elimination of double chin

    • emphasizing the jaw line and face oval

    • lifting the cheeks, drooping upper eyelid and corners of the mouth

    • firming flabby body parts

    • skin thickening

    • reducing the so-called malar bags or festoons

    • reduction of fat tissue

    • delaying aging processes

    • reconstruction and stimulation of collagen fibers

      In order to increase the effects of reducing fat tissue and firming the body, it is recommended to use additional exercises and a balanced diet.

Duration of treatment: approx. 60 minutes

HIFU - Face

Lifting Shock 3D

2200 zł

HIFU - Neck

Lifting Shock 3D

850 zł

HIFU - Neckline

Lifting Shock

650 zł

HIFU - Cheeks

Lifting Shock 3D

1400 zł

HIFU - Improving facial contours (Cheeks + chin)

Lifting Shock 3D

2100 zł

HIFU - Face with chin

Lifting Shock 3D

2800 zł

HIFU - Face, neck, cleavage

Lifting Shock 3D

3100 zł

HIFU - Eyes and forehead

Lifting Shock 3D

650 zł