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Laser removal of discolorations

The Q-switch neodymium-yag laser effectively removes:

  • single hormonal and sun discolorations
  • the so-called “age spots” around the hands

How does laser discoloration removal work?

The laser breaks down the pigment, which is then removed from the body. After the treatment, very delicate scabs may appear, which will then peel off. Due to the depth of the pigmentation spots, the treatment should be performed in a series every 4 weeks.

effects of laser removal of discolorations

  • skin lightening
  • color alignment
  • reducing discolorations and the so-called age spots

What treatments do we recommend to remove discolorations?

We also recommend acid treatments for the removal of hyperpigmentation, such as. maeselle pigment preciser, retix c or ph formula. However, to choose the right therapy for your skin, we invite you to a free cosmetology consultation.

Treatment duration: from. 30 – 60 minutes (the length of the treatment depends on the area of ​​the skin being treated)

Laser discoloration removal - Price list

Laser removal of discolorations

from 100 zł

Removing discolorations (age spots from hands)

200 zł