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maeselle shine re-never (acid peeling)

We recommend the treatment for all skin, especially gray and dull skin. Acid peeling effectively removes dead skin. After the treatment, the skin gently exfoliates, refreshing and evening out its structure.

Maeselle shine re-never is one of the few acids that can be applied to the eye area – however, remember that the skin may peel the most in this zone.

The product contains, among others:

  • lactic acid
  • ascorbic acid
  • phytic acid

How many Maeselle Shine Re-Never treatments should be performed?

To refresh the skin, you can perform one treatment, but for stronger results, we recommend a series every 2-3 weeks. For the reduction of dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes, Maeselle shine re – never is recommended to be combined with a series of needle mesotherapy shine eyes solution.

maeselle shine re-never effects

  • skin refreshment
  • reducing fine wrinkles and discolorations
  • smoothing the skin
  • color alignment

Duration of treatment: approx. 45 minutes

Maeselle shine re-never - Price list

Maeselle re-never peeling (1 ampoule)

300 zł