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manual cleaning

Regular skin cleansing reduces the risk of developing acne scars, visibly enlarged pores, and acne lesions

The method of manual skin cleansing is one of the oldest methods used in cosmetology, but it is still a popular procedure.

How do we perform manual cleansing?

During the procedure, we perform several stages:

  1. After removing makeup, we perform a skin peeling to exfoliate dead skin and gently cleanse the skin.
  2. Then we apply a loosening mask under the steam to enlarge the pores.
  3. Manual skin cleansing is performed by a qualified cosmetologist. The procedure is 100% safe and sterile.
  4. Finally, after disinfecting the skin, we apply a soothing mask and cream.

effects of manual cleansing?

  • deep cleansing of pores
  • exfoliation of dead skin
  • removal of excess sebum
  • smoothing the skin

In addition to manual skin cleansing, we also recommend hydrogen cleansing and charcoal peeling.

Manual cleaning - Price list

Duration of treatment: approx. 120 minutes

Manual cleaning

220 zł