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RF radio waves

The treatment effectively counteracts the symptoms of skin aging and ensures its effective revitalization. This is one of the most pleasant treatments used on the face, neck and cleavage. Natural biological processes taking place in the tissues cause the skin to lose its firmness over time because the collagen fibers are deformed, elongated and twisted.

How do RF radio waves work in cosmetic applications?

The treatment involves heating collagen fibers to a temperature of 43oC, which causes them to contract and tighten, and stimulates regenerative processes and tidies up the structures. Radio waves effectively stimulate fibroblasts to rebuild and produce collagen and elastin. To achieve long-lasting effects, we recommend a series of treatments, but radio waves are also ideal for banquet treatments. We recommend performing the treatment together with lifting scissors. To choose the right treatment, schedule a free consultation.

rf radio wave effects

  • skin firming

  • improving tension and lifting the face, neck and cleavage

  • wrinkle reduction

  • stimulation of collagen fibers and elastin

Treatment duration: 30 – 45 minutes

RF radio waves - Price list

20 minutes

160 zł

30 minutes

190 zł