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ultrasonic liposuction

The ultrasonic liposuction treatment performed in the Feliz beauty salon – Gdynia intensively reduces fat tissue and shapes the figure by directly reducing the circumference of the body areas undergoing therapy.

How does ultrasonic liposuction work?

The treatment is based on low-frequency ultrasound technology, selectively destroying fat cells in a safe way. During ultrasonic liposuction, the energy causes a cavitation effect, destroying the cell membrane, and the released fat is metabolized from the body through the natural route, i.e. the liver and kidneys. The treatment only affects fat cells and does not affect other tissues.

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Effects of ultrasonic liposuction?

    • reduction of fat tissue
    • reducing circumference
    • body shaping

How many ultrasonic liposuction treatments do we recommend?

  • We recommend a series of 8 treatments with a frequency of 1 treatment per week. Remember, by combining treatments with a balanced diet and physical activity, you will achieve your desired results.

Treatment duration: from. 30 to 60 minutes

Ultrasonic liposuction - Price list

20 minutes

170 zł

30 minutes

220 zł

40 minutes

270 zł

50 minutes

320 zł