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vacum shape

One of the most frequently performed treatments in our beauty salon. An ultra-effective device with 2 heads for reducing fat tissue and improving the firmness of the skin of the entire body.

The following energies are used during treatments:

  • vacuum massage with spherical rollers,
  • radio wave,
  • infrared laser,
  • vacum massage.

How does vacuum shape work?

The deeper layers of the skin and fatty tissue are stimulated simultaneously by 4 energies.

  • The radio wave strongly stimulates collagen fibers, which improves the density and firmness of the skin. At the same time, the wave affects the tissue, improving blood supply and oxygenation, and in combination with other energies, reducing the volume of fat cells.
  • Vacuum massage with spherical rollers and vacum massage allow for precise massaging of fatty deposits.
  • The operation of both heads is enhanced by the use of a laser. The infrared light beam stimulates the reduction of fat cells and improves skin firmness.

How many vacum shape treatments do we recommend?

Depending on the initial condition, we recommend a series of 5-10 treatments performed 1-2 times a week.

After each treatment, you will notice an improvement in the condition of your skin, firmness and smoothing of cellulite. The body in the places where the massage is performed becomes reshaped and smoother.

Remember, when performing vacum shape for the body, combine the treatments with a balanced diet and physical activity, and you will achieve the results you want.

To choose the right treatment, schedule a free consultation.

Vacuum shape effects

  • slimming and body shaping

  • firming sagging skin

  • cellulite reduction

  • push up buttocks

  • reducing lymphedema

Effects after 1 treatment

Effects after a series of treatments

Duration of treatment: approx. 30 – 60 minutes

Vacum Shape - Price list

1 body part

170 zł

2 body parts

300 zł

3 body parts

420 zł

+each subsequent body part

+110 zł