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acoustic (shock) wave

A device that shapes the body by breaking down fat deposits and firming the skin. The procedure is completely painless. The acoustic wave emitted by the device relaxes the connective tissue and stimulates the breakdown of fat cells, reducing their volume. In addition, it improves blood circulation in the tissues, making the skin elastic and firm. The acoustic wave stimulates the production of new and compact collagen, thanks to which cellulite, visible as dimples on the skin, is significantly reduced. To choose the right treatment, schedule a free consultation.

effects Application of acoustic wave

  • reduction of fat tissue
  • skin firming
  • cellulite reduction
  • stimulation of collagen fibers and elastin
  • body shaping
  • reduction of fatty deposits

How many acoustic wave treatments do we recommend?

We recommend a series of 10 treatments 1-2 times a week. Remember, by combining treatments with a balanced diet and physical activity, you will achieve your desired results.

At Feliz beauty salon, we have introduced the treatment Krioshock, which combines acoustic wave energy with the freezing of fat cells and allows you to achieve even better results during a single visit.

Duration of treatment: approx. 60 minutes

Acoustic wave - Price list

1 impulse

0,022 zł

(the number of impulses is determined individually during a free consultation)