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face massage

The daily rush of life and stress causes muscle tension and fatigue of our skin. Our proposal for relaxation and relaxation is a 30-minute massage of the face, neck and cleavage.
Manual facial massage combines several stages, including:

  • stroking – has a relaxing effect,
  • rubbing – improves blood circulation, relaxes tense muscles,
  • kneading – a stronger stage that stimulates collagen in the skin and stimulates the muscles
  • tapping – reduces muscle contractures and relaxes

After just 1 treatment you will feel relaxed, but regularly massaged skin will become firmer and tighter.

effects of facial massage?

  • Relaxation and unwinding
  • improving the appearance of the face,
  • improving blood circulation,
  • reducing muscle tension,
  • stimulation of collagen fibers,
  • improving skin elasticity.

Duration of treatment: approx. 45 minutes

Facial Massages - Price list

KOBIDO massage

300 zł

Facial massage 30 minutes

100 zł

Lymphatic massage 20 minutes

140 zł

Vacum massage 20 minutes

100 zł

Vacum massage with classic massage 45 minutes

150 zł

Touch therapy

200 zł

(facial reflexology)