Meet our team

Joanna - Manager, make-up artist

For years, she has been a valued manager and make-up artist of cosmetology clinics in Gdynia. Joanna has been involved in marketing for over 10 years. She took her first steps in the advertising industry at, and her passion for applying makeup permanently connected her with the advertising industry.Beauty, where she could fulfill herself not only as a team leader and marketer, but also as a make-up artist. On a daily basis, Asia tries to maintain a balance between the role of the leader of a team of cosmetologists and beauticians and her passion for makeup, successfully combining both professions. He is the originator of many projects in the Tricity, including charity campaigns, women’s days, and campaigns increasing awareness of the risk of breast cancer.

Above all, Asia is not afraid of challenges, and her ideas for the continuous development of our company are endless.

In everyday life, Joanna is a warm, empathetic person, but also someone who can manage a multi-person team. He conducts training in the field of sales, customer care and improving the quality of services. For Asia, the most important thing is the other person, regardless of whether it is a client or an employee, she will always make sure she feels good.

Asia’s love has always been makeup, which she also does in the Feliz-Gdynia beauty salon. She does make-up, among others. business, stage, wedding and various types of makeup. Successes in the make-up industry included contracts on the sets of music videos and photo sessions. We invite you to view Joanna’s work on our company’s dedicated website.

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