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Maderotherapy – This is a Colombian anti-cellulite method. Maderotherapy is a multi-stage treatment starting with a manual drainage massage and ending with fat reduction and body cont ouring using massage with special wooden rollers.

The treatment is also great for people who have problems with tense muscles. You will feel relief after just 1 treatment.

The treatment – of course, with the doctor’s consent, can be used by breastfeeding women, people with heart defects or other diseases that prevent the use of electric currents.

How many Maderotherapy treatments do we recommend?

To obtain the best effect, we recommend performing Maderotherapy in a series of 10 treatments twice a week.

effects of maderotherapy

  • improves skin firmness
  • shapes the figure
  • relaxes tense muscles
  • reduces the visibility of the abdominal fat and breeches
  • What is important! The treatment is painless and, thanks to the series, it effectively reduces cellulite

For even better results, we recommend combining maderotherapy with treatments such as abyss i ultrasonic liposuction.

Remember, by combining treatments with a balanced diet and physical activity, you will achieve your desired results.

effects after 1 treatment

Treatment duration: from. 60 – 90 minutes

Maderotherapy - Price list

Maderotherapy 30 minutes

150 zł

+ Ultrasonic liposuction for Maderotherapy (30 minutes)

100 zł

Maderotherapy 60 minutes

230 zł

Maderotherapy 90 minutes

290 zł